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You don’t have to be frustrated because your dog or puppy is disobedient.

In this article I will talk about the advantages of having a really well trained k9.

One of the most ovious reasons are of course that your dog just listens to you when you give them commands.
I want to tell you a story of one of my friends that a very cute Jack Russell dog that she just loved to bits.
Luckilly for her she had Jacky trained so that she would respond to commands.

One day she had friends over for supper and when they decided to leave the Fox Terrier ran outside towards the road which are always packed with traffic.
Luckily she could just call her dog and the dog immediatley responded to her command and got back into the house.
So one can actually say having a well trained dog can save their life.

Another really big advantage of having a obedient pet is that going for walks and exercising together is just nice and easy.
I am sure all you reading this article have experienced or seen people that just can’t control their dogs when they fo for a walk.

So what happens at the end of the day – The dog just does not get the needed exercise they need to healtyh and happy.
The owners then need to get somebody to walk their dogs if they can get somebody that can do it.
If a dog does not get their weekly walks they tend to be furstrated than can have other negative effects like constant barking or biting issues.
dog training cape town

A Well trained best friend will just get along so much better with all of your family and friends.
I have seen countless times when visiting people with dogs that they need to take their dogs outside or put them in a room when people come and visit because they are not trained at all.

You know those dogs that can’t stop barking or jumping up against you that can be really annoying and actually dangerous especially if it is a bigger type of do breed.

Don’t even get my started on dogs that are not well potty trained.
Anybody that ever had a dog knows how bad it can be when it uses the house as their toilet and do not want to go outside.

If anybody here perhaps need more advice on the training and socializing of their dogs then you can go to Executive Dog Training
They provide dog obedience classes all from the comfort of your own residence.

Executive Dog Training provides classes all over South Africa but mainly focus on Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas.The Bloemfontein Free State Area and the Garden Route and Cape Town area and the following  surrounding – Durbanville, Constantia,Table View and more.

They offer various different dog obedience packages. So whatever your need they can help.

Why is it so good to have a dog?

These are just a few of the things I have noticed while being a dog owner pretty much all of my life

Dogs have always had a positive effect on my emotional health
Sometimes you just really have a terrible day where things just don’t work out the way you want it to.
Examples are: Stuck in traffic and then getting late to work.
The stress of work project deadlines
And so many more of course

The nicest thing for me is when I get home is to see my dog and just to see how happy she is to see me again after I have been away at work for the whole day

One of the best things to having a dog is it provides extra security.
As we all know dogs have a hearing so much better compared to humans.
So they alert us when they hear something or somebody that we don’t even know about
dog making me laugh

Having a dog has forced me to do more exercise which has helped me to lose weight and just feel better about myself in general.
Not only have I been walking more but also started running on a regular basis and just started doing cycling.
All because I just started walking my dog I started getting fitter and started to get more energy.

My dog provides so much entertainment and laughter which in turn lowers my blood pressure.
Because according to research a decent amount of laughter really does help reduce stress and blood pressure.
Which in turn make you feel more relaxed.

Please remember to look well after your dogs and take them for their regular walks and visits to the vet.
If possible have your dog or puppy trained which will make your life so much easier in the long run.

Welcome to our website

A very big welcome to all Boerboel and dog lovers. We hope that you will enjoy our site

On this website we will talk about everything related to these wonderful dogs and also other well knows k9 breeds in South Africa.

We will also give useful advice and tips and the best options for training your dog. Also we won’t forget about talking about puppy training options as getting your best friend trained when they are really young will help you and your family tremendously moving forward.

Just a few interesting facts about the Boerboel Dog Breed

They are originally from South Africa

Boerboels reach the age of around 10 to 12 years

They are extremely intelligent and can be well trained

Males can get up to around 72cm in height when they are fully grown
Females are a bit smaller around the 66cm region in height

The weight for these dogs are on average between 50 to 65 kilogram when they reach adulthood