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Welcome to our website Boerboelfederation.co.za

A very big welcome to all Boerboel and dog lovers. We hope that you will enjoy our site boerboelfederation.co.za

On this website we will talk about everything related to these wonderful dogs and also other well knows k9 breeds in South Africa.

We will also give useful advice and tips and the best options for training your dog. Also we won’t forget about talking about puppy training options as getting your best friend trained when they are really young will help you and your family tremendously moving forward.

Just a few interesting facts about the Boerboel Dog Breed

They are originally from South Africa

Boerboels reach the age of around 10 to 12 years

They are extremely intelligent and can be well trained

Males can get up to around 72cm in height when they are fully grown
Females are a bit smaller around the 66cm region in height

The weight for these dogs are on average between 50 to 65 kilogram when they reach adulthood